Small Business SEO with Mrs Bloggs

Recommended Software and Productivity tools for Small Business Owners

Mrs Bloggs recommends these leading software tools /websites for small business owners.


Jasper is an easy-to-use AI writing assistant. 

You can use Jasper to improve emails, proof-read, write social media captions, content for newsletters and more. 

Supercharge your business communications and increase your productivity with Jasper.

Jasper has a free trial so you can play around with it without having to pay any money and see whether you like it.

Tip: this is easier to use than ChatGPT. 


Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for online freelancers. Use Fiverr for graphic design, logo development, photo editing and a broad range of types of digital services. 

Freelancers are located all over the world. It was called Fiverr initially because prices started at $5. Nowadays is usually more than $5 for quality work.  The quality of the work can vary greatly so tread carefully.

Tip: we use it for advanced photo editing services from time to time.


HubSpot CRM is a handy tool for small business to keep track of customers. It stores all customer information in one place and helps you remember important tasks and follow-ups. It also gives you insights to make smart business decisions. 

Easy to use and accessible from anywhere. 

This is a much better way to manage your customer database than an Excel spreadsheet.

Tip: Hubspot is FREE!


Tradify software is a handy tool for tradies. It helps you seamlessly manage jobs, schedules, and team tasks.

You can create quotes, invoices, and track expenses.

It keeps you organised, provides real-time updates, and can be used on mobile devices. It simplifies your business operations and boosts efficiency.

Tip: Widely used by members of the Facebook Group TradieWives!