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What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is a specialised form of writing website content that combines the principles of search engine optimization (SEO) with persuasive writing with two purposes:

(1) attract more traffic/customers to your website

(2) convert your website visitors to new customers

Do you want more customers?

The primary goal of SEO Copywriting is to create content that appeals to readers AND also ranks well in search engine results pages. Higher Google rankings means more eyeballs on your website!

More website views = customers = more sales = business growth!

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How do you know what Copywriting services your website needs?

If you have a website that showcases your trade or services, the typical types of copywriting that your website would need are:

1. Homepage Copy

Your homepage is usually the first point of contact new prospects so it needs to do some heavy lifting for you!

A customer should be able to very quickly establish (1) What you do (2) Where you do it (3) Is your business a match for what they are looking for?

Once they have ticked those boxes, you must keep their attention! Your home page content needs to be interesting and compelling to convert your website visitor into taking action i.e. contacting you.

The content must go beyond the usual cliche of ‘why choose us’ and be convincing so it delivers higher conversions.

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2. Service and Product Pages

Each specific service or main product type offered by your business should have a dedicated website page.

We ensure that each page is optimised with keyword rich content so that it is a destination page for search engines, making it a traffic generator. 

3. About Us/About Me Page

Part of the Google algorithm requires there to be an identify behind a website as a critical trust factor. This page should introduce the person or people behind the business. not just talk about he business itself. We craft a narrative that upsells your experience, qualifications and values. People do business with people. Websites that do not feature people do not do as well as those that do as the transparency builds trust.

4. Portfolio or Projects Page

Providing proof of your work is a great selling point, especially for businesses such as trades or project-based businesses. Including key information about each project, including challenges overcome, demonstrates your expertise and provides potential customers with assurances that you are capable.

We ensure that the copywriting that accompanies these projects contains the keywords and locations that you are aiming to target so that search engines can find your content too. Expecially important are images. We encourage you to source good quality images for at least a couple of key projects.

FAQs and blog posts aim to answer your customer's questions

5. FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs help address common queries and concerns. We help craft a list of FAQs relevant to your business so that the customer’s questions and any potential barriers to sale are removed. Then when they call or contact you, they are more likely to be ready to engage straight away.

6. Writing Blog Posts

Some people find the term Blog confusing. A Blog is simply the internet’s term for a collection of articles related to a topic. For you, the topic is the products or services that you provide.

Blogs are an opportunity to share informative and helpful content that your ideal customer is seeking. By providing information about your area of expertise with valuable insights, tips and advice, you will demonstrate your expertise and elevate your business as a trusted resource.

Blogs are a website traffic attracting machine and are essential to any business interested in growing their customer base.

7. Contact and Call-to-Action (CTA) Copy

Your contact page and any Call-to-action CTA buttons or forms have clear and persuasive copy. This encourages visitors to take the desired action, such as calling for a quote, scheduling an appointment, or requesting more information.

SEO Copywriting is essential for Perth businesses for these key reasons

By optimising content for relevant keywords, search engines are more likely to consider your page as a valuable resource, which can lead to higher rankings. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of your content being found by users looking for information, products and services related to your business.

Higher rankings mean more visibility, and more visibility means more organic (non-paid) traffic to your website. People tend to click on the top search results, so being ranked higher can significantly boost the number of visitors to your site.

SEO copywriting is not just about stuffing keywords into content; it also involves creating valuable and relevant content that engages and satisfies your target audience. By focusing on providing useful information, your website’s user experience improves, leading to higher user satisfaction and potentially repeat visitors.

When your content matches the potential customers search intent and provides valuable insights, it increases the likelihood of converting those visitors into customers, subscribers or leads.

There are countless websites competing for attention online. SEO copywriting can give you a competitive edge. If your competitors are not optimising their content, you have an opportunity to outrank them and attract their potential customers. This is particularly powerful when applied at a local level where you aim to dominate a specific geographical area of your city e.g. Joondalup instead of aiming for all of WA.

Unlike paid advertising, where traffic stops when you stop paying, SEO content can continue to attract organic traffic over time.

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