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Getting Your Award Submission RIGHT 

I have written stacks of award-winning entries and have been an awards judge for over 10 years. As an entrant, I have experienced incredible success. As a judge, I see the common mistakes EVERY business makes in their award entry. 

The problem: Good Businesses, Bad Submissions

It breaks my heart to see good businesses enter terrible submissions. Reading between the lines I can see that they are probably good businesses, but just don’t know how to write their entry.

The Secret to Getting ‘Award Points’

You need to approach the awards process as though it is a high school or university assignment. Entries are marked in the same way an assignment is. Points are awarded for each answer to a question. If the answer is too brief or does not answer the question properly, it cannot get enough points to win. Simple.

Aiming for a 100% Score

The good news for you, is that I loved school and university assignments. I know, I am a little weird. I prefer the term NERD haha. I would always aim for 100% and if I got under 90% I would be disappointed. Does this sound like the sort of person you want writing your award? Yes it is!

I love writing. I love helping people. I want YOU to achieve success.

perth award writing service

Why Choose Mrs Bloggs to Write Your Award Entry?

Awards can transform a business from ordinary to a sought-after business. Awards give you credibility within your sector and give consumers confidence in you.

With years of unrivalled experience as an award judge and an impressive track record of writing award-winning submissions, Mrs Bloggs is here to transform your ordinary business into an extraordinary one.

With over 30 years experience in a range of business consulting and management roles, 10 years experience as an awards judge, university qualifications in both business and professional writing, and career roles as a Technical Writer, I have a track record of writing compelling award submissions that either WIN or a FINALIST. Either way, this will deliver marketing GOLD to your business.

award writing success with mrs bloggs. perth awards writer

More Than Just a Perth Awards Writing Service

Crafting YOUR Story

At the heart of our service is the belief that a powerful submission goes beyond the written word. It’s about bringing out the unique strengths of your business, underlining the value you bring to the industry.

Thorough and Professional

Your submission will comprehensively answer each and every award criteria in details with examples, statistics and information from your business to back up any claims made (this is where many entries fall short).

Elevating Your Business to Extraordinary

With Mrs Bloggs unique blend of business and writing qualifications and strong business analysis skills, you are assured of a high-quality entry, enabling you to elevate your business from ordinary to extraordinary.

You will probably find that you get some bonus business coaching as a side benefit of the analysis and writing process!

Gallery of Awards Success

Ready to Win?

Winning an award can transform your brand perception, catapulting you from an ordinary business to a sought-after leader in the industry.

The recognition you gain from industry awards can drive your business growth exponentially.

Harness the power of a compelling award submission and let us take you one step closer to your well-deserved recognition.

Contact us today, and let’s embark on you journey to becoming a WINNER!

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