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It’s easy to blow cash on marketing and advertising that doesn’t work.

The key is to spend your hard-earned dollars where it counts—attracting customers who are at the ‘I am ready to hire’ stage in their buying journey.

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Understanding Your Customer's Buying Journey

It’s easy to blow cash on marketing and advertising that doesn’t work. The key is to spend your hard-earned dollars where it counts—attracting customers who are at the ‘I am ready to hire’ stage in their buying journey.

Your potential customers generally go thru the following journey when deciding to engage a business like yours:

  • AWARENESS: The buyer realises they have a problem or need. At this stage they have LOW BUYER INTENT. Enquiries from people at this stage sometimes fall into the ‘TYRE-KICKER’ category.
  • CONSIDERATION: They start researching and evaluating potential solutions. At this stage they have MEDIUM BUYER INTENT. They are interested in buying, but factors such as price shock, complexity, doubt or changing priorities can come into play.
  • DECISION: The buyer chooses a solution and makes a purchase decision. At this stage consumers have HIGH BUYER INTENT. They are ready to make a purchase and are looking for the best provider.
  • POST-PURCHASE: They evaluate their purchase and its effectiveness, often leading to repeat business or referrals if satisfied. At this stage you must get a Google review from your happy customers!

Best Bang for Buck marketing: Focus in and Target the Customers with HIGH BUYER INTENT

High-intent customers are already out there searching for YOUR services. So it makes sense to zero in and target then which means better ROI for your marketing spend. It seems very obvious but not many people ‘get it’. 

At Mrs Bloggs, we focus on getting the best bang for your buck out of your marketing dollars to keep your business booming with a strong pipeline of leads from customers with a High Buying Intent. So how do we go about this? Keep reading….

Construction Marketing: Online Foundations 101

1. Professional and Well Structured Website

Your Central Digital Asset

Your website is the cornerstone of your online presence. It is your ‘central digital asset’, that is, it is the centre of your online presence and everything else – such as your social media accounts – circle around it. Sort of like the Sun with planets orbiting around it.

Your Number 1 Priority is a Professional Website

Getting your website set up properly should be the first thing every business does. Don’t waste time and money on Facebook ads, newspaper ads or whatever….none of those will work if customers come to your website and don’t like what they see.

Forget Homemade Websites

Your website should be user-friendly, visually appealing, work on desktop and mobiles, provide useful information your customer is looking for. Your website should not be ‘homemade’ or ‘made by a mate’. Trust me, I see these types of websites every day and they do not get traffic and when they do, they do not convert into enquiries. Get your website done properly and you will experience a significant difference in customer enquiries.

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2. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to drive traffic to your website

Implementing SEO ensures your business is visible to customers searching for your construction services. Without proper SEO your website is just ‘hoping’ that customers will find you.

At Mrs Bloggs, this is our area to shine. We transform websites getting a trickle of website visitors e.g. 0 to 20 a month into websites that get hundreds/thousands of visitors using our powerful Website Lever Method to turbo-charge traffic growth.

3. Facebook and Instagram Page

Maintain an active and engaging Facebook and Instagram page to connect with your audience and showcase your work. These can be set up so that they are connected, so when you post to one, it automatically posts to the other. This is great place to start. Over time you can look at building this up and diversifying your strategy across each platform.

Google Ads

Using Google Ads to target high-intent keywords and appear at the top of search results, is a great way to drive immediate traffic to your site. You need to be very careful with the keywords you choose as they ‘cost per click’ on some keywords can be competitive and can cost $15.00 to $35.00 per click.

Even worse is if the keywords you choose do not target HIGH BUYER INTENT keywords and the traffic you receive does not convert. 100 clicks at day can get very expensive and there are plenty of horror stories with Google Ads.

Mrs Bloggs has reliable referral partners that are Google Ad experts. Google Ads work great when combined with your SEO strategy. Make sure you always do your SEO strategy FIRST then your Google Ads, it will save you a lot of money. 

Pro tip: If you haven’t run Google Ads before, there is usually a FREE amount of credit you can use to get started. Last time we looked this was at least $600.

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