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Suzanne Burke is the founder of Mrs Bloggs and the driving force behind the business. She has had a diverse career in business spanning over 30 years. Early in her career she started out as a Graduate Computer Programmer. She then diversified into a range of roles that include Business Systems Analyst, Technical Writer, IT Consultant, Small Business Manager, General Manager, Digital Creator and Author.


She has worked across multiple industry sectors including mining, construction, government, media, banking and information services, both in Australia and overseas. With tertiary qualifications in both Information Technology and Professional Writing, she is adept at cutting thru noise and clutter, to assess any business or situation with clarity and purpose to develop business-savvy solutions.  

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Suzanne delivering a keynote speech for the WA Housing Industry Association at the Westin Hotel, Perth

This ability to see and assess the big picture, Suzanne describes this as understanding ‘THE WHY’. By utilising her analysis and technical skills, she also has the ability to implement ‘THE HOW’. Suzanne explains the HOW as finding the most efficient and practical way to solve a business problem by implementing system and process improvements.  

Suzanne has won multiple business awards within the construction sector as a testament to her management skills.


As an author, Suzanne has written Nail Your Renovation without Getting Screwedand Food for Braces. Her writing has been featured in The West Australian Newspaper, Money Magazine, Your Investment Property, Home Design, Better Homes and Gardens, New Idea and Woman’s Day magazine and many more.  

Over the last 15 years, Suzanne has developed and maintained many, many websites. Along with developing the page content and the blog content, Suzanne has performed SEO on these sites and has improved their ranking and placed businesses in the position where they are actually turning away work, because they are getting more enquiries than they can handle.


With Mrs Bloggs, Suzanne has created a service that is providing an unique and highly effective approach to Search Engine Optimisation that she has found other agencies are not offering. 

Suzanne has the ability to look at your website as a whole and cut-thru to CUSTOMER wants to see when they come to your website. So rather than telling them your ‘About Us’ information as the first thing they see on your website, Suzanne will help you transform your content to answer the question that your customer came to your site looking for. It is a subtle but powerful shift in focus and results in high conversions.

Turning your website into an ‘Traffic Attracting Machine’ takes a multi-pronged approach. Staging this over a period of 12 months is best for those that want to spread out the cost. For those looking for a major BOOST to their business, the work can be front-loaded to get results faster. 

‘If you keep doing the same thing and are expecting different results, you are going to be disappointed. Have the courage to invest in your business and transform it from a trickle of word-of-mouth work, to a steady stream of strong enquiries that will help your business grow. You decide what outcome your want your business to have.’

Suzanne Burke

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Suzanne has been featured on TV, radio and many newspapers and magazines:

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