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Boost Your Perth Plumbing Business with SEO: A Comprehensive Guide

When your average homeowner is looking for a new plumber they just Google it. If you have a website, and your customer does not find your website when they Google it, they will not be giving you a call. It is that simple. The answer? You need to get SEO or search engine optimization done on your plumbing website. SEO ensures that your website is set up correctly in a way that Google can read it and decide that this is what your customer is looking for.

If you want to attract more customers to your plumbing business, it’s crucial to rank on the first page of Google search results. Outlined below are some tips for what you need to do to get your website ranking in Google. You can choose to do this yourself or you can engage a service such as Mrs Bloggs who knows exactly what to do and will smash this out for you.

Plumber SEO – Why it is Essential

So why is SEO is essential for your plumbing website!?! SEO is vital for plumbers because thousands of people search for local plumbing services on Google every month.

Are you missing out on Google visibility? If you are, this means your plumbing business is missing out on potential business opportunities.

Are you getting the right traffic to your website? How do you know? A good measure is you are getting calls AND those calls are the type of plumbing work you WANT to do.

If you are getting calls for work you DO NOT WANT e.g. emergency after-hours work such as burst pipes and blocked toilets and this is a service you do not want to provide, we need to talk. Your website is not working for you. The good news is that this is nearly ALWAYS fixable.

Keyword Research is the first place to start

Optimising your website for relevant keywords is essential, as not all customers search for plumbers in the same way.

Identify service and industry keywords by listing the services you offer. Mrs Bloggs can help you with this because defining the correct keywords can make a huge difference to your results. Simply choosing ‘Plumbing Perth’ is unlikely to get results as these phrase is already highly competitive. We know the smart way around this.

Remember that if someone is looking for a plumber, they might instead search for ‘Emergency Plumber near me’ or ‘new toilet installation’ or ‘tap repair’ or ‘plumber for owner-builders’.  For example, below is a list of search phrases people may use when looking for a plumber in Perth. Do any of these phrases look like a good fit for your business? Perhaps you offer a different niche plumbing service. Perhaps you specialise in certain products or brands. Mrs Bloggs can help you narrow this list down to your SEO accordingly. SEO works best when you target a niche.

·         Plumbing services for builders in Perth

·         Plumbing solutions for owner-builders Perth

·         Reliable plumbing contractors for builders in Perth

·         Perth plumbing services for residential builders

·         Emergency plumbing services Perth

·         Blocked drain plumber Perth

·         Hot water system repairs Perth

·         Perth plumbing contractors

·         24-hour plumber Perth

·         Leak detection services Perth

·         Gas plumber Perth

·         Bathroom plumbing renovations Perth

·         Residential plumbing services Perth

·         Local plumbers Perth

·         Affordable plumbing services in Perth

·         Emergency blocked toilet plumber Perth

·         Perth plumbing repairs and maintenance

·         Drain cleaning services Perth

·         Commercial plumbers Perth

·         Gas hot water system installation Perth

·         Kitchen plumbing services in Perth

·         Sewer pipe repairs Perth

·         Owner-builder plumbing services in Perth

Please note that these phrases are just examples and actual search terms may vary.

When you work with Mrs Bloggs, we work with you to discover what you want to achieve. Who are your best clients? What are the best and most profitable plumbing jobs? From there, we figure out the best keywords to target to get you the best clients, the best jobs and plenty of enquiries so that you can grow your business over time.

Google Business Profile Optimization

Google displays two types of results for local searches: map pack results and regular organic results.

·         To rank in the map pack, claiming and optimising a free Google Business Profile is crucial.

·         Steps to claim and optimize a Google Business Profile include adding or claiming your business, setting your business category, defining your service area, adding basic information and photos, and listing your services.

Directory Listings

Getting listed in directories such as Hotfrog and True Local provide links back to your website which Google sees as a signal. These type of links are known as backlinks and these help with your google ranking. Mrs Bloggs has a database of directories that can be used for backlinks and uses these for clients looking for a robust SEO solution for their plumbing business.

Get More Reviews

Reviews play a significant role in ranking in the map pack. Methods to obtain more reviews include using Google’s Business Profile Manager, creating a QR code for reviews on business cards, contacting previous customers for reviews, and adding the review link to your website.

Content Creation

Create individual service pages for each main service you offer, focusing on clarity, catchment, confidence, and contact information. An  about  page can demonstrate expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T).

For businesses with multiple locations, consider creating a location page listing all the locations or individual pages for each location.

On-Page SEO

Craft compelling title tags and meta descriptions that accurately describe your services. A meta description is a short summary that appears below a webpage’s title in search engine results. It helps users decide whether to click on a link by providing a glimpse of the page’s content, making it essential for attracting visitors and improving website visibility.

Technical SEO

Plan and optimise your site structure to help visitors navigate your website and search engines index all your pages.

Ensure your website uses HTTPS for a secure browsing experience!

Your secret weapon – An optimized blog post

Ranking for any business relies upon your website having the content people are looking for. Once way to achieve this is to step into your customers shoes and think about what questions they are asking when they are Googling. You then use this information to write growth posts that answer their questions. Then when your customer is Googling next time your website has the answer therefore they choose your website to visit. This means that you are more likely to convert your website visitor to a client. 

This is where Mrs Bloggs really adds value. We specialise in figuring out what topics to write about and produce the content for you. Websites that do this attract more traffic and result in much more successful businesses. Your website must have a blog. This is a essential.

Posting your blog posts on socials

one of the great things about writing blog articles is that you can repurpose quotes images and the entire article and post across your social media accounts too. Small businesses are always looking for more ideas and more content for their social media. By posting interesting information I found plumbing services recent products topics etc you can establish yourself as an expert in the field and gain traffic to your website from socials too, leveraging reaching off your blog content.


Yes you can do your SEO yourself! Follow some of the tips in this article. However, SEO takes time and you need to revisit it often. Many business owners either do not want to learn themselves or are simply too busy to DIY. SEO can be easily outsourced to a service provider such as Mrs Bloggs.


By implementing the strategies and techniques outlined above, you can improve your plumbing business’s online visibility, attract more customers, and establish a strong presence in the competitive digital landscape.

Contact Mrs Bloggs if you would like helping in implementing an effective and winning SEO strategy for your Plumbing website. We are standing by to help you achieve success.

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