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How much does SEO cost?

How Much Does SEO Cost? A  Guide for Businesses in Australia

If you run a small business in Australia, you’ve likely heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But determining how much SEO should cost can feel like navigating a maze. Here’s an article to demystify those costs for you and provide guidance based on industry best practices often discussed on platforms like SEMrush.

Why is SEO Essential for Small Businesses?

Before diving into costs, it’s crucial to understand the value SEO brings. When done correctly, SEO can increase your website’s visibility on search engines, driving more quality traffic to your site and ultimately leading to more clients. For some industries like construction where word-of-mouth also plays a significant role, SEO helps bolster your online reputation as well.

What Does Basic SEO Involve?

Platforms like SEMrush recommend basic SEO services such as keyword research, on-page SEO changes, and optimizing meta descriptions. These services are ESSENTIAL and the bare minimum you need to do to your website so that Google can read it properly. You might expect to pay between $1,000 to $3,000 per month in Australia. Prices can fluctuate depending on the complexity of your website and the level of competition in your industry.

What About Comprehensive SEO Strategies?

More advanced SEO strategies might include services such as content creation, technical SEO, and backlinking strategies. These plans can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 per month. These tactics are aimed at sustainable growth and are recommended for those seeking long term business growth. 

Can Offshore Services Provide a Cheaper Alternative?

While offshore services may promise low costs, they also come with their own sets of risks, such as:

  1. Quality Concerns: Low prices often mean low quality, which could ultimately hurt your site’s ranking.
  2. Communication Barriers: Language differences could lead to misunderstandings and poorly executed strategies.
  3. Accountability: It’s often more difficult to hold offshore agencies accountable for results, something that platforms like SEMrush frequently caution against. It is not uncommon for offshore companies or individuals to stop replying to emails or to have significant internet outages in their region, thus bring instability and unreliability into your service.

Are Big Agencies the Answer?

Though large agencies offer comprehensive solutions and have a reputation for expertise, they may not be the best fit for small businesses:

  1. Cost: These agencies often have higher overhead costs, which can get passed on to you.
  2. Impersonal Service: Bigger agencies often have many clients to manage, which could mean less personalised attention for your business. If you do not want to be treated like just a ‘number’ then avoid.
  3. Generic Strategies: Large agencies might use a one-size-fits-all approach, which is usually not the best for niche industries like construction. In my experience, the wheels also turn very slowly. What I mean by this, is that they often only spend a small slice of time on your website per month and as such the traffic growth can take quite a while to kick in.
  4. Lack of Reporting: clients report that they do not know what is being done from month to month and feel like they are not getting good ‘bang for their buck’. Often once the initial few months of work is done, these agencies lean back and collect their monthly fee and perform just an hour or so of work. This will NEVER happen with MRS Bloggs. At Mrs Bloggs you get a montly run-sheet of all the work that has taken place, and a plan for the upcoming month. Every single month.

What to Look For in an Ideal SEO Partner?

SEMrush, AhRefs and other major SEO software platforms recommend looking for local SEO Agencies that provide the following:

  1. Customisable Plans: Choose an agency or small business that offers tailor-made solutions. Mrs Bloggs works with you to determine which services you need to attract customers to and tailors your SEO plan to attract your ideals customers to your business.
  2. Transparent Reporting: You should have access to regular reports and updates on your SEO campaign. Mrs Bloggs provides monthly reports of work completed, work planned and tracks your progress for you. With Mrs Bloggs you are guided every step of the way, safe in the knowledge your website is in good hands.
  3. Expertise in Your Industry: An agency with experience in the construction sector would be beneficial. Mrs Blogg has 15 years construction experience, 30 years IT experience, 20 years of technical writing skills and is a HIA Award Winning business manager at the WA and National level (and also a HIA Awards judge of over 10 yeaers). I love the construction sector, I love working with people in construction and I love helping people in construction improve and grow their businesses.


SEO is an investment that can deliver significant returns if done right. While the costs may vary, understanding what you are paying for can go a long way. It’s crucial to avoid going too cheap with offshore services or too broad with large agencies. Instead, look for a balanced, expert solution that suits your business needs.

With MRS Bloggs, we build solid relationships with our clients and work hand-in-hand to help you achieve online business growth with a tailored and sustainable strategy. We know what we are doing. We know construction. We love the tech world and we love SEO. We look forward to becoming your trusted partner in construction. 

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