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ChatGPT vs Jasper AI: What are the differences? Which is better?

Jasper AI and ChatGPT are two of the world’s most popular conversational AI platforms right now. They both offer powerful solutions for businesses and marketers to engage with their customers in a more personal and interactive way. However, there are some key differences. Let’s break it down.


GPT – The underlying tech

GPT is the language model underlying software such as Jasper and ChatGPT. Both Jasper and ChatGPT use the language model GPT 3.5.

What is Jasper?

Jasper is a software tool designed to essentially perform as a robotic writer. It provides a software layer between the user and the GPT backend by providing templates for common business content. For example, you can use a template to generate content for:


  • Blog topic ideas, Blog post outlines, Long form content for the web
  • Perfect headlines
  • SEO Meta Descriptions
  • Product Descriptions
  • Content Improver
  • Facebook & Google ad headlines and text
  • Social media captions – mult-platform
  • Sales letters, persuasive copy and cold call emails
  • AIDA framework – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
  • Feature to Benefit
  • and much more


You will notice that there is a decidedly marketing flavour to the above content and you would be right. Jasper has been designed with marketers in mind, allowing them to easily create and manage content with the help of templates, recipes and commands.

jasper templates

The main advantages of Jasper

Essentially, Jasper is a robotic writer that can help produce content 5 times faster than your average person. One of the main advantages of Jasper is its ease of use. The platform is designed to be intuitive and requires little technical knowledge to get started. This makes it an ideal choice for marketers or solopreneurs who want to create content quickly and easily, without having to rely on technical experts.

What is the cost of Jasper?

The ease of use with Jasper comes at a cost and their new base level cost is currently at around $US39 per month for Starter mode which is sufficient for most people. For individuals, smaller businesses or startups with limited budgets, ChatGPT could be a better option while it is still free.

However, you can claim a trial offer of Jasper that allows you to generate 10,000 words for free. With an average page containing about 500 words, this can go a long way if you are using it to generate short form marketing content such as social media captions, blog titles, blog outlines, etc…

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT can do anything Jasper can do, but you need to provide very specific instructions. These instructions are known as ‘prompts’. If you write poor quality prompts, you will get poor quality output. As such, there is a steeper learning curve with ChatGPT to get the right type of output. For many this will be a major deterrent if they don’t have the time or interest in learning.

ChatGPT is available for free at the moment, making it a much more desirable product than any of the other paid AI options for many.

ChatGPT Prompt screen ready for input

Jasper and ChatGPT Comparison

jasper vs chatgpt

Which one do I prefer?

I used Jasper in 2022 before ChatGPT was released and loved it. Much of what I learnt with Jasper has helped me learn about how to write strong prompts when using ChatGPT. I am not so sure I would have used ChatGPT so effectively without having used Jasper first.

I have been playing with and using Jasper for over 6 months before ChatGPT came onto the market. I remained loyal for a while, but after playing with the FREE version of ChatGPT, I have been able to apply some of what I learnt in using Jasper to create effective prompts and get the same type of results with ChatGPT.

In 2022, Jasper was charging $80 per month as their lowest price. They quickly started to lose market share to ChatGPT at the start of 2023 and introduced the limited $20 option which is much more affordable.

I highly recommend Jasper for first-time users and for anyone working on the marketing for their business, or perhaps you are about to start a major marketing overhaul or project, or if you work in marketing full-time. You simply must try it and experience the difference it can make to generating ideas and boosting productivity in a way that will blow your mind.

I recommend using the trial version of Jasper and if you like it, pay for at least a month and learn as much as you can. If you are confident after a month, you could cancel your subscription and jump over to ChatGPT and see whether you can get the same sort of results. However, once you have seen how easy it is to use Jasper, you may find ChatGPT less friendly and more difficult to achieve the same polished outputs. The only way you will know what suits is to try both.

AI is a Genuine Disruptor

AI a genuine disruptor in the world. It is going to impact our lives in a bigger way than the internet. As a business professional and even as just an everyday individual, you cannot afford to get left behind. Catching up after the world has already been around the block a few times will not be easy for technological laggards. The AI wave is moving very fast. It is time to get on board, even just as a dabbler. Adapt or get left behind.

How and what do I use AI for?

Currently I am in sponge mode. I am learning as much as I can by reading about AI, but I am also working with it every day and learning something new every day. I have always had a love of learning and there is just so much to learn right now. We are on the cusp of a new technological wave and I am here for it!

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